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The Vestry is the governing body of the business matters of the church and is charged with being the lay voice for the church.

  • Parishioners are elected to serve on the Vestry for a three year term.  Elections are held annually at the Parish Meeting.
  • Senior Warden and Junior Wardens serve as leaders of the Vestry.  
  • The Senior Warden serves as a consultant and advisor to the Rector. The Junior Warden is the people's warden. 


2021- 2022 Vestry Members and Commissions                              

Julie Abedian '23 - Communications

Shelly Bell '22 - Parish Life                                            

Bill Garber '22 - Buildings & Grounds                                          

Vicki Gust '22 - Worship and Reopening                                                

Nancy Morris '23 - HR/Staff and Hospitality/Newcomers        

Barb Parker '23 - Senior Warden and Outreach

John Settle ;21 - Junior Warden and Maketing & Technology

Kelli Thompson '23 - Communications 

Melissa zur Loye '21 - Formation and Clerk