The Vestry

St. Paul's Vestry

The Vestry

The Vestry is the governing body of the business matters of the church and is charged with being the lay voice for the church.

  • Parishioners are elected to serve on the Vestry for a three year term.  Elections are held annually at the Parish Meeting.
  • Senior Warden and Junior Wardens serve as leaders of the Vestry.  
  • The Senior Warden serves as a consultant and advisor to the Rector. The Junior Warden is the people's warden. 

2021- 2022 Vestry Members and Commissions                              

Julie Abedian '23 - Communications

Shelly Bell '22 - Parish Life                                            

Bill Garber '22 - Buildings & Grounds                                          

Vicki Gust '22 - Worship and Reopening                                                

Nancy Morris '23 - HR/Staff and Hospitality/Newcomers        

Barb Parker '23 - Senior Warden and Outreach

John Settle ;21 - Junior Warden and Maketing & Technology

Kelli Thompson '23 - Communications 

Melissa zur Loye '21 - Formation and Clerk