July 2019   
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Marc Vance

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Wendy Manley

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Music Director/Organist

Eli Rodriguez Hill

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Eli Rodriguez Hill  was named Organist and Choirmaster at St Paul's in 2016, having previously served as  Organist at St Davdi's Episocopal Church, Bean Blossom and Music Minister at Gethsemani Baptist Church in Dallas Texas.

At St.Paul's, Eli is passionate and deeply committed to the vocal, piano and musical training of  both adult and youth, and dedicated to finding new ways for our choir and music program to broaden its role in the greater community.  He brings with him an excitment to our music department and with the chior fills our sactuary with heart felt, meaniingful, spirit filled music.  

Eli also enjoys bringing various styles of music to the table especially on our Fifth Sundays / Rite III services.  

In addition to his work in the church, Eli is a professional artist whose speciality is impressionistic realism and abtracts using acrylic medium.  He and his partner Rich Hill own the Magic and Novelty shop in Nashville Indiana and they both love Akitas which they breed.  Every now and then, they will show up with a puppy on a Sunday morning!  The kids love it!

Born in San Antoinio and raised in Dallas Texas, Eli began his musical career as a  5 year old boy who played by ear. He first gig was playing Bridal March at a wedding at age 6.   Eli excelled in his piano and organ abilites as he grew up.  His grandmother Nettie Rodriguez Garcia taught him most when he was young.  She was the organist at her baptist church for 45 years. Eli has obviously followed in her footsteps.

Eli is delighted to be on board the St Paul's ' locomotive'.  

Administrative Assistant

Kathi Whipker

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Children's Ministry Coordinator

Annettia Doll

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Youth group leaders

Shelly Bell Stephanie Myers

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