September 2017  
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Adult Forum Fall 2017


  6        intro to fall forums

13        Fragmented Lives

20        Fragmented Lives

27        Fragmented Lives

As we grapple with being the Church in the 21st century, this series on Fragmented Lives (based on a book by that title by William Sachs and Michael Bos) “helps people let go of outdated notions of religion and belief so that faith can have new meaning…[and] provide[s] a Christian basis for rethinking what the church can be through a faith grounded in connection and compassion.”  Among other things, the series will explore the search of significance, awakening to wonder, and the faith to live differently.


  3        no forum (Labor Day weekend)

10        Victoria Hoppes: Diocesan Youth Director/Waycross

17        Intersection of Faith and AI (artificial intelligence)

24        Intersection of Faith and AI (artificial intelligence)

September 10  Victoria Hoppes, the new Director of Diocesan Youth and Waycross Camps, will join us for an exploration of the benefits to the Church of youth and camp ministries.

Sept 17 & 24   Intersection of Faith and AI (artificial intelligence).  This may seem like an unusual topic for an adult forum series, but it is not science fiction; it is already happening and the impact is seismic.  It entails questions of the nature of the soul, how the Church will respond, and even the economic impact (and how that will affect outreach ministries and the financial support of other ministries of the church) as major sectors of the job market are affected by automation.


  1        How our language helps or hinders our faith journey.

  8        How our language helps or hinders our faith journey.

15        Evangelism: (ECF/Vital Practices)

22        Evangelism: (ECF/Vital Practices)

29        review of diocesan convention

October 1        In a rather arduous journey back to the Faith chronicled in Kathleen Norris’s book Amazing Grace, Norris explores all the “churchy” words - words like atonement, hell, Trinity, “the church” - that hold all kinds of varying connotation and meaning, depending on your experience with them.  We will have a bit of fun exploring how our own unique Episcopal experience and vernacular helps or hinders our faith journey.

October 8        Continuing the theme of the influence of language, we will engage in an exercise on just exactly what it is we (say we) believe, as found in the Creeds, and see what comes of our own “re-writing” of the Creed(s) into language that might temper some of the more negative connotations that are increasingly associated with “churchy” words.

October 15 and 22      The Episcopal Church Foundation (ECF) is a veritable wealth of information on all aspects of life in the Church, from finances to disaster response to evangelism and everything in between.  Using resources provided by ECF, we will explore our reticence with the very word “evangelism” and consider how we might reclaim the word and its meaning to sustain the vitality of our ministry in the 21st century.

October 29      Fr. Marc and the parish delegates to the diocesan convention will talk with parishioners about what occurred at the convention that concluded the day before.



  5        Christian Social Witness

12        Current Events: Dealing with the Opioid Crisis

19        Current Events: Dealing with Violence         

26        no forum (Thanksgiving weekend)



  3        Joy: Exploration

10        Joy: Overcoming Obstacles to Joy    

17        Joy: Joy Practices

24        no forum (Christmas Eve)