July 2017  
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Adult Forum Fall 2017


No adult forum is scheduled during the summer.  However, the forum time is always a good time for sharing conversation and fellowship over goodies and coffee - anything of common interest that may come up, welcoming newcomers, or simply enjoying time with one another.  You might also think about what you would like to engage when the fall schedule begins.



As we grapple with being the Church in the 21st century, this series on Fragmented Lives (based on a book by that title by William Sachs and Michael Bos) “helps people let go of outdated notions of religion and belief so that faith can have new meaning…[and] provide[s] a Christian basis for rethinking what the church can be through a faith grounded in connection and compassion.”  Among other things, the series will explore the search of significance, awakening to wonder, and the faith to live differently.

  6        Fragmented Lives

13        Fragmented Lives

20        Fragmented Lives

27        no forum: Bishop Jennifer visit



  3        no forum (Labor Day weekend)

10        intersection of faith and AI/AR

17        intersection of faith and AI/AR

24        Christian Social Witness: economic justice



  1        Christian Social Witness: race

  8        Christian Social Witness: gender

15        Christian Social Witness: human sexuality

22        evangelism: (ECF/Vital Practices)

29        review of diocesan convention (Vance, delegates)



  5        evangelism: (ECF/Vital Practices)

12        current events: dealing with the opioid crisis

19        current events: dealing with violence

26        no forum (Thanksgiving weekend)



  3        Joy: exploration

10        Joy: overcoming obstacles to joy       

17        Joy: joy practices

24        no forum (Christmas Eve)