September 2019   
Bible Search

We begin with an overview, which includes, among several other things, being very explicit about what Confirmation is because most people cannot actually define it, even though they are freely choosing to be there.  We use the definition from the first paragraph on p. 412 in the Prayer Book ("the mature public affirmation...") and participants are warned that they will be drilled until they can say it back without hesitation!  It's important because it sets the stage for everything that follows (i.e. how to follow the promises of the Baptismal Covenant).


Phase 1 is Episcopal-specific stuff, since a lot of folks in the class, especially adults, tend to be new to the Episcopal Church.  (Since you're choosing to exercise your faith here, you probably ought to know how we came about, what the Prayer Book is, how we operate, etc.).  Phase II is basic Christian theology.  The page numbers correspond to the Catechism in the back of the Prayer Book.  We don't send people running away tearing their hair out by going over the questions-answers as they're printed, but use it as a facilitation of discussion.  Phase III basically says Now that you've gotten a handle on who and what the Episcopal Church is and been grounded in Christian theology, you need to know what to do with it - how to put faith into action.  We use a spiritual gifts inventory which also explains what spiritual gifts are (scripturally) and generally where they might be exercised in a church, but participants are then provided a listing and description of every ministry that exists in this parish and who contact people are so they take some initiative in the mature public affirmation...

Confirmation 2017


Phase I:  Inquiry

29        intro



  5        history/Anglican traditions

12        The Book of Common Prayer

19        structure of the Episcopal Church

26        a liturgical miscellany


March  (Lent)

Phase II:  Basic Christian Theology

  5        [Bishop Jennifer]

12        BCP 845-6, 849, 852, 853-4, 851  (human nature, God-F,S,HS, holy scriptures, the church, creeds)

19        no class: spring break

26        BCP 846-7, 850, 848, 855-6  (old covenant, 10 comm., new covenant, sin, ministry, prayer and worship)



  2        BCP 857-60  (sacraments: Baptism, Eucharist, other)

  9        no class: Palm Sunday

16        no class: Easter


Phase III:  Discipleship

23        financial stewardship

30        spiritual gifts (teaching)



  7        spiritual gifts (application); review/end: BCP 302-5 (Vance)

14        review/end: BCP 302-5