ELIGIBILITY:  The Columbarium is for the interment of the cremated remains of

members and former members and their immediate families (spouse and children) of St. Paul’s Episcopal Church (St. Paul’s).  Niches are intended to hold up to two urns (containers) of cremated human remains (cremains).  No other objects may be placed in any niche.


MANAGEMENT:  The Columbarium, its use and maintenance is under the management of the Vestry of St. Paul’s as constituted from time to time or the duly authorized Columbarium Committee in which the Vestry has granted the right to control the maintenance and use thereof.  The Columbarium Committee should consist of not less than three (3) nor more than five (5) active members of the parish.  The chairman and members to be appointed by the Rector and serve at the pleasure of the Rector and Vestry.  The Columbarium Committee will be responsible for opening and closing the Columbarium for interments.  The authority to amend, alter or repeal these rules rests solely with the Vestry.


APPLICATION/CERTIFICATE:  A written application must be obtained and submitted to the Rector or Chairman of the Columbarium Committee.  The application shall designate the person or persons (designees) whose remains are to be interred in a specified niche.  Upon acceptance of the application and payment of the designated fee, a “Certificate To Inter” will be issued to the designee or purchaser, if other than the designee.  In either case, the “Certificate To Inter” does not grant property rights of any kind in or to the niche referred to in the Certificate.  The church will maintain a “Columbarium Register” and retain an original of the Certificate.  The applicant will have the choice of available niches.


CONTAINER/URN:  The church allows each designee or their family to select and purchase the container.  Each niche opening is 9-1/4” X 9-1/4” X 12-1/2”.  It is very important that the container(s) be chosen to meet the space allowance.  While the church does not provide containers, a member of the Columbarium Committee could be helpful in this matter.  While containers come in a wide range of prices, some very good looking ones are available at reasonable costs.




NAMEPLATES:  The size, type, and design of the lettering on the front of each niche shall be uniform.  The Columbarium Committee will be responsible for ordering the nameplates.  The cost of the plates is included with the niche fee.  Nameplates may be ordered at the time of purchase, with the date of death added at a later time or the full nameplate can be ordered at the time of interment.  Inscription on the nameplate is limited to the name or names and years of birth and death of the deceased contained in the niche.


INTERMENT:  Arrangements for interment shall be made with the Rector of St. Paul’s.  We encourage all funerals, if possible, to be held at the church.  Interment may be done at the time of the burial service or at a different time.  The Book of Common Prayer contains a “Rite for Committal”, which is used for the interment at the Columbarium.


FEES:  A fee of $900.00 for a double niche and $700.00 for a single niche is required to be designated for the Columbarium Fund and is payable to St. Paul’s Episcopal Church.  Payment must be made when the “Certificate To Inter” is granted.  A request to change a single niche to a double niche can only be made by the family of the original niche purchaser and must be approved by the Columbarium Committee and requires payment of the difference between the single and double fee.


LIABILITY:  St. Paul’s shall exercise reasonable care in the maintenance of the Columbarium, but shall have no other liability of any kind for the preservation of the remains of any person interred therein or for any loss or damage to the container or remains of such deceased person(s).  No liability is assumed by St. Paul’s, the Vestry, or the Columbarium Committee for any matter or thing relating to the Columbarium, its use or subsequent maintenance, except for failure to exercise reasonable care in the maintenance of the Columbarium.


REMOVAL:  Cremated remains may be removed from the niche and the Columbarium only upon written consent of both the Columbarium Committee and the surviving spouse, if any, and if there is no surviving spouse, the next of kin of the deceased.  In the event a container is removed for interment or disposal elsewhere, all rights to the space in the niche shall terminate and revert to St. Paul’s.  In the event St. Paul’s deems it necessary at





any time to change the location of the Columbarium, or to discontinue the use of any portion thereof, the Vestry may, in its sole discretion, authorize the removal of the containers from the affected niches and may authorize placement of such containers in other suitable niches in such location as the Vestry in its sole discretion may deem proper.  Reasonable effort will be made to communicate such removal to the nearest living kin of the deceased, using the information provided on the “Certificate To Inter”.


TRANSER:  The right to inter may be transferred or sold to another person, providing the new designee meets the above eligibility requirements and a new “Certificate To Inter” is completed.


ORNAMENTATION:  Flowers and other ornaments may not be placed on or adjacent to the Columbarium.