July 2018  
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Adult Fall Forum 2018

The fall forum schedule will begin with an overview and then introduce a process known as Invite, Welcome, Connect (IWC) as a way of enculturating ministries of evangelism, hospitality and developing relationships among the community of faith at St. Paul’s. Following that is a Faith in a Secular World series, a more in-depth way of incorporating with IWC concepts. We will then move to the sacred arts (art, music, literature, etc.) as a way of intersecting with the secular world, or maybe more precisely how the sacred arts may be the Church’s gift to the secular world. Toward the end of the year, we will explore ways of delving more deeply into the joy and holiness of the Advent season as we prepare for the blessed season of our Lord’s nativity.




5 no forum

12 fall overview

19 Invite, Welcome, Connect: Invite

26 Invite, Welcome, Connect: Welcome




2 no forum (Labor Day weekend)

9 Invite, Welcome, Connect: Connect

16 Faith in a Secular World

23 Faith in a Secular World

30 no forum (one service/RIII; pitch-in)




  7 Faith in a Secular World

14 Sacred Arts: Art
21 Sacred Arts: Music
28 Sacred Arts: Movement/Dance




4 Sacred Arts: Literature/Poetry

11 Sacred Arts: Architecture

18 review of diocesan convention

25 no forum (Thanksgiving weekend)




  2 game show (Christian Jeopardy!) 

  9 Advent (content TBD; Stations of the Nativity…)
16 Advent (content TBD)
23 Advent (content TBD)
30 no forum (Christmas break)