January 2019   
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Adult Forum

3Adult Forum -- January 2019

6th    no forum

14th  overview of spring offerings: The Jesus-Centered Life (The Way of Love)

20th  no forum (annual meeting; one service; pitch-in)

27th  The Way of Love: Learn


January 6 There is no forum today.

January 13 We will offer an overview of all the offerings through the spring,

including a seven-week series on the Presiding Bishop’s Way of Love.

January 20 There is no forum today due to the annual meeting following the one

service at 9:30.

January 27 Today we begin a seven-week series on The Way of Love: Practices for a

Jesus-Centered Life championed by our Presiding Bishop Michael Curry.

We will begin with reflections on “Learn[ing]” and continue as each week

progresses with Pray, Worship, Bless, Go, Rest, and Turn. (More

information can be found at wayoflove@episcopalchurch.org.)