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A Bit of History

The Anglican tradition grew out of the sentiments of the English Reformation through the 1500s.  That tradition was continued in the American colonies and, following the American Revolution, through zealous missionary efforts as the country grew.  In 1867, twelve dedicated Episcopalians began meeting under the leadership of William Turner, a deacon who had come to live in Columbus.  By 1876, a church had been built on 8th street in downtown Columbus.  For eighty years it served the needs of the congregation and the surrounding community.  In 1960, the present church was built on California St. to meet the needs of the growing congregation.  Extensive remodeling, tripling the size of the church and facility, was completed in 2002.  Over its 140 years, St. Paul’s has been served by twenty-one vicars, eight rectors, and a whole host of saints.

The word “episcopal” is derivative of a Greek word meaning “oversight by bishops”.  In the Episcopal Church, we maintain the four-fold orders of ministry:  laity, bishops, priests, and deacons.  Episcopalians most clearly express what we believe through our worship as found in the Book of Common Prayer, which encompasses the Holy Scriptures, the ancient Creeds, and the traditions of the church as they have been handed down to us over the course of Christian history.  The Eucharist is the primary service of weekly worship in the Episcopal Church.  All baptized persons who desire to receive the Body and Blood of our Lord, Jesus Christ, are invited to the Lord’s Table for Holy Communion.